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Average quantity: 1,5kg 


Marie Luxe acts as the coordinator of a real artisan fish chain, proposing high quality sea products directly and exclusively from small fishing boats around all the Breton coasts, Normandy, the Basque Country and the Mediteranean.


Choosing Marie Luxe seafood from artisan fishing means you are choosing to respect the ocean’s ecosystem and to support small, craft fishermen.




SKU: 18010
  • Marie Luxe was born in 2006 with the objective to showcase the excellences of Brittany fish, supporting small-scale fishing and operating to protect the marine heritage, in respect to the fishermen and natural resources, acting in harmony with the products seasonality. Since 2016 Marie Luxe became one of the 125 “Producteur Artisan de Qualité” selected by “Collège Culinaire de France” a recognition to the best artisan producer in the nation.

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