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Discover our strawberry jam 100% made from fruit and enjoy the fresh and intense flavours of this red fruit! Prepared only with "Gariguette" strawberries picked when ripe and fruit juice extract, exalting the natural and original taste of the strawberry, this recipe sublimates the flavours of this coveted fruit!

Strawberries, a little sugar extracted from the fruit, pectin which is the essential ingredient in any jam recipe and that's it. 

No added flavourings, additives, colourings or preservatives: pure gourmet taste!



Glass Jar


SKU: 8088
  • The Maison Francis Miot handmade artisan jams since more than 30 years follow Francis Miot's recipes, who was awarded Best French Jam maker and three-time Best World Jam maker. A collection of delicious and authentic recipes. A short cooking in little cauldrons permits to keep the full flavor of the fruits selected for their exceptional taste.

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