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This small crustacean with a sweet and flavorful meat is fished at a depth of 150 meters and is a and quickly prepared and frozen on Don Gambero boats in Sicily

Ready to Use: thawing the product only takes about 10 minutes in cold water, after which it is enough to extract it from the packaging, having maintained all its freshness !

Shrimp can provide you with important nutrients (such as the antioxidant astaxanthin) and add cancer-fighting minerals to your diet.


vacuum packed 


SKU: 3110
  • Don Gambero is the authoritative name of a line of top quality fresh and frozen products from the seas of Sicily. A rich catalogue that gives identity to people and places thanks to the selection of the best local fishing. Mazara, Sciacca, Egadi Islands and Trapani are the locations where the boats selected by Don Gambero set out on their fishing trips.

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