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Made with skimmed, raw, cow’s milk in a particular limited cru area of Parmigiano Reggiano (Lombardia/Romagna)


Aspect and texture: grainy, hard, more or less intense yellow paste according to the length of ripening.
Taste: harmonious, dry and intense with traces of wild grasses when the milk of open pasture grazing animals is used.
Serving suggestions: full bodied, aged, red wines but also young, sparkling, white wines. Fresh fruit (Kaiser pear), marrow chutney.


If this product is not in our warehouse in HK, it will be delivered to you within 6-10 working days. To preserve our commitment to freshness and quality, some of our products will be delivered directly from the overseas producers. After your order confirmation, an email will be sent to you with the exact delivery date.


Average quantity: 2,5 kg 

PARMIGIANO REGGIANO 28/30 months 500g

SKU: 6368
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