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Salted, pressed and dried eggs, this is the golden powder that smells of sea water.


Bottarga is made of the thousands of eggs that female mullets have in their egg sacks. This tasty delicacy is prepared in Europe, in Japan, on the coasts of the Mediterranean, the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean.
Mullet roe, contains wealth of nutritional vitamin A, B, E, copper, zinc and nutrients.

Pasta with bottarga is so easy to make and tasty!

While pasta is cooking in salted water, grate the bottarga into a bowl, add the oil, and stir until you obtain a paste. When the pasta is ready, turn it into a large skillet and add the sauce. Stir the pasta energetically over a brisk flame for a few seconds (no more!).


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  • Following the family tradition which started in 1856, Zafeiris Trikalinos took over the avgotaraho (bottarga) business in late 90's and implemented a number of significant innovations to reveal the umami character of the product. The certified production process is preserving the richness of nutrients, making all Trikalinos products to stand out for their exceptional quality, their pure taste and the health benefits that are related to their consumption.


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