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A classic oyster with a strict production process.
They are raised in the sea beds around Marennes for a duration of three to four years, after which they are brought to "sea-pools" around the farm for a duration of 4 weeks at low density (only 3kg per sq.meter), during which time they will develop and refine their flavor and strengthen their shell.
Its flesh is thin and tender with a flesh mass averaging 7 to 10,5% of its total weight. Its delicate flavor is evocative of the scent of the ocean.


12 pieces


If you order these oysters by 4 pm on Wednesday you will receive them the following Tuesday. 


SKU: 1782
  • Creuse (concave) oysters farmed for centuries in a unique ecosystem on the Charente-Maritime coast in France, in large natural pools with shallow water, rich in nourishing algae. Daniel Sorlut special oysters are recognizable by their uniquely delicate, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Initially tasty with notes of iodine, the gustatory experience ends in an excitingly intense almond flavour.

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