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These Sicilian Gambero Rosso are a rare and delicious treat. Fished by Don Gambero boats and instantly frozen. You can use it for your seafood recipes or eat raw. The freshness and the texture of this prawn will surprise you!


Boasting a high protein content and packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, including Vitamin B6 and B12, prawns are an excellent dietary choice.


IQF - "individually quick frozen means you can eat one without defrozing the other ones


16/18 pieces




SKU: 16501
  • Don Gambero is the authoritative name of a line of top quality fresh and frozen products from the seas of Sicily. A rich catalogue that gives identity to people and places thanks to the selection of the best local fishing. Mazara, Sciacca, Egadi Islands and Trapani are the locations where the boats selected by Don Gambero set out on their fishing trips.

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