Piedmont is an Italian region for gourmands: fine wines, white truffle, chocolate, and of course Fassone, or Razza Piemontese meat: one of the most precious breeds of cows in the world. This meat is a balanced food, for quantity and quality of the fat. Fassona contains a low percentage of cholesterol in all its cuts. Oberto is committed to transparency, providing clear and detailed information that allow the customer to immediately identify Macelleria Oberto’s meat. The label bears all the information required by law in relation to the origin of the meat, as well as optional indications, such as the breed and gender, as well as the farm of origin and the slaughter date according to the optional beef labelling regulations approval."The best way to eat it is raw, in dishes like carpaccio and tartare, using extra-virgin olive oil and high-quality salt". Daniele Oberto

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  • Macelleria Oberto was born in 1965 in Alba when, following several years of apprenticeship, aged 21, Pietro Oberto took over a small butchery near the town’s main square. Since then, over 50 years, Oberto’s family has been selecting the best examples of Piedmontese “Fassona” breed raised in small farms all over the province of Cuneo. The breeding is made in complete respect of nature and of the territory, because everything eaten by the animals is reflected in the texture and flavour of the meat.