This fiorentina is certified 100% Fassona meat, from female cattle of over 36 months, raised exclusively by small breeders within the provinces of Cuneo and Turin. The meat undergoes an ennobling aging process for about two weeks, which helps in enhancing its flavour and tenderness.



Piedmontese Fassone is traditionally slaughtered when they reach an age between 18 and 24 months, without considering their gender. The Fassone has a lean and tender meat, but it is less distinctive compared to the meat of the long-living female cattle. Fassona meat of over 36 months has natural fat marbling that makes it tender and tasty. With adequate aging, it stands out for its bright red color, compact and tender fibres, and juiciness.

But its essence lies in its flavour: a rich, round aroma that is never ferrous, with a perfect balance between sweetness and sapidity and an exceptional persistence, as well as hints of hazelnuts and hay. 


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  • Macelleria Oberto was born in 1965 in Alba when, following several years of apprenticeship, aged 21, Pietro Oberto took over a small butchery near the town’s main square. Since then, over 50 years, Oberto’s family has been selecting the best examples of Piedmontese “Fassona” breed raised in small farms all over the province of Cuneo. The breeding is made in complete respect of nature and of the territory, because everything eaten by the animals is reflected in the texture and flavour of the meat.

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