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Expression Of Excellence


The dop dei colli del trasimeno centumbrie boasts a very high organoleptic and nutraceutical level. it is composed of the native varieties frantoio, moraiolo, leccino and dolce agogia, it presents itself to the taste with a complex and elegant character.
We only use the best fruits of the harvest of each season that we combined in a blend of excellence according to our knowledge . The extreme care dedicated to the production joined with the unique characteristics given to the fruit by the microclimate of the trasimeno lake, that it makes possible to obtain a dop with dynamic gustatory notes that range from bitter and spicy flavors to complex and delicately nuance of almond, artichoke and herb. A real explosion of taste in your mouth.
La DOP CM è certificata biologica, prodotto da olive coltivate in agricoltura biologica.  La spremitura è a freddo e con processo meccanico.
The analyzes carried out on cm oils demonstrate the goodness of the product also from a nutraceutical point of view. The constant intake of a healthy oil rich in properties such as ours guarantees a supply of polyphenols and vitamin e. They are rich in unsaturated fats that help reduce the formation of cholesterol.



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  • Centumbrie is the story of two Umbrian families, as old as Umbria, its people and its civilisation. Retracing these two stories means crossing a hundred places! Centumbrie is land, Umbrian land, a material that cannot be more material, and yet Centumbrie's activities find their thinking nourishment in the matter of the heart.


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