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The Dolce Agogia monocultivar gives the privilege to our customers of tasting a great extra virgin olive oil steeped in historical values,it’s a legacy of the Etruscans who already took the fruits of this tree during their passage on our land. The tree is a straight plant, with dense foilage, very vigorous. The fruit has an early ripening, so that it must be harvested at a precise moment of its maturation and therefore strictly by hand. The Middle oil- it’s gentle with a fruity scent of fresh olive, it is possible to enjoy a harmonious and balsamic taste, balanced and variegated at the same time.
CM oils are obtained from olives grown according to organic farming rules, in a lake microclimate that guarantees the plants a natural comfort of luxuriance. We use a mechanical process and the oil is obtained by cold pressing.

The analyzes carried out on cm oils demonstrate the goodness of the product also from a nutraceutical point of view. The constant intake of a healthy oil rich in properties such as ours guarantees a supply of polyphenols and vitamin e. They are rich in unsaturated fats that help reduce the formation of cholesterol.


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  • Centumbrie is the story of two Umbrian families, as old as Umbria, its people and its civilisation. Retracing these two stories means crossing a hundred places! Centumbrie is land, Umbrian land, a material that cannot be more material, and yet Centumbrie's activities find their thinking nourishment in the matter of the heart.


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