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FROZEN1 pack of +/- 250g


Giraldo’s cod is only fished in winter in the Atlantic Ocean, in the clean waters of Iceland and the Feroe Islands. Its exclusivity begins from when it is line-fished - carried out on small boats where they are immediately bled onboard - returning to port in a maximum of 12 hours to avoid deterioration of the cod.
Only hours after being caught, the fish is immersed in water and ice and once Rigor Mortis has passed, the salting process begins; first in brine and then in the highest quality dry salt. Giraldo supervises this entire process to ensure quality proceedings.


The refrigerated goods are transported through Europe in a fleet of lorries until they arrive to the warehouse on the Goiain Industrial Estate.


Once drained and re-selected, the product is packaged under strictly hygienic conditions. Using the most up-to-date techniques for vacuum packing they achieve a shelf-life of 15 days through using completely natural methods.







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  • Giraldo cod (Gadus Morhua) is strictly line-fished in the Atlantic Ocean, in the crystal-clear waters off Iceland and the Faroes. Immediately after fishing, it is submerged in iced water, and the salt curing process begins, first in brine, and then under salt. After a minimum of three months, the gradual process of desalting begins; it is performed naturally, without the use of preservatives or bleaches.

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