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Burrolio is a spreadable mixture of nut oil and cocoa butter. It can be used with both sweet and savoury dishes. It is suitable to completely replace butter and margarine.


This vegetable cream from Piedmont is very nutritious and is ideal for those who want a light, digestible and healthy vegetarian/vegan product without giving up the taste.


The butter is gluten-free and 100% vegan. It is made only by mechanical method, without the addition of thickeners, additives or chemical facilitators and at temperatures below 50 °C.

Spread on bread, toasts, crackers alone or in combination with anchovies, pickles, sauces, or combined with sweet preparations such as jam.

You can use to cook and to fry!

Excellent for sweet and savoury pastries such as brioches, plum cakes and leavened dough.





  • The taste of tradition and the search for excellence, to let the whole world discover and taste the one and only Nocciola Piemonte IGP. (Piedmont IGP Hazelnut)

    Pariani is a family company in Givoletto(TO) which uses five Italian dried fruit-“Nocciola Piedmonte” IGP, Noce (Walnut) veneta “Lara”. “Pistacchio Verde di Bronte”D.O.P., Mandorla (Almond) “Romana”from Val di Noto, Pinolo (Pine-nuts) Italiano from the Pisa area- selectioned by the best producers and elaborated in all their possible ways: oil, grains, flours, pastes. Pariani proposes some finished products, for example: Pariani’s Hazelnut , Pistacchio or Almond Creams, the Sbrisolina Piedmontese ( a crumbly cake made with hazelnut flour, chocolate and hazelnuts), Praline (Toffees) Pariani ( Hazelnuts with white chocolate, hazelnuts with dark chocolate and Pistacchio with white chocolate) and the Pistacchiotto (the first “gianduiotto” made with Pistacchio).


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