The inclusion of wild sturgeon among endangered species and subsequent blocking of caviar exports led Iranian masters, coming from the old Shilat and dedicated to the production of Caviar for many years, to seek the best location to raise the valuable and ancient sturgeon. They found their location in the crystal clear and pristine waters of Lake Qiandao in China. The Sturgeon are raised in floating nets using innovative techniques in order to preserve the taste of the meat and eggs. Here, the Iranian masters have combined their centuries old wisdom of working the precious eggs using Malossol (low salt) method with the Chinese farming technique. This results in a perfect product.

We have specially selected for Flair clients this Baikal Caviar. It comes from the sturgeon Baerii and takes its name from the Russian lake where it was once widespread.
The eggs are savory at the right point with a clean taste and a slight aftertaste, wonderful texture. They are usually black in color and not very large.








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