6 breasts - approx. 22 g


All Les Fermiers Landais poultry comes from local breeders, raised for the most part in the freedom of the Gascogne forests. Life revolves around the henhouses that the poultry flock to of their own accord to rest or for the night. The breeder helps to preserve the quality of the ecosystem. The areas occupied by the poultry are left to regain their fertility by installing the new chicks in new “uncharted territories”.


Vacuum packed


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  • Les Fermiers Landais are “Label Rouge” free-range breeding pioneers in France. In the middle of the forests, the poultry are raised in total freedom for a minimum of 81 days in small portable huts. Based on a 100% vegetable feed, mainly cereals produced locally by our farmers. This cereal-rich diet balanced with the free-range farm gives a tasty and tender meat.

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