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Yuzu is a citrus fruit grown in Japan. It is characterised by a strong acidity, a strong taste that is subtly coloured with shades of lime, yellow grapefruit and tangerine.
The intensity of this citrus fruit is so strong that we have paired it with a specific green apple that enhances the aromas of Yuzu.


Harvest: October

Format: Available in 25 cl and liter

Provenance: Rhône Alpes region /Japan


SKU: 0859
  • Atelier Patrick Font creates a collection of juices and nectars that combine excellence, authenticity and handcraft. With an agricultural know-how, rooted in the family tradition, Patrick Font develops recipes that sublimate throughly selected, best quality local fruits and vegetables. Over the years, the workshop has developed a wide range of juices and nectars that are recognised in the world of gastronomy and are present on the tables of the greatest chefs.


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