The chance to taste the delicacy of fresh Iberian pork is a rare opportunity, but one that is increasingly offered at gourmet restaurants and establishments. Its tender, moist flesh is the perfect canvas for the masterpieces created by the world’s most famous chefs, who have made secreto (pork skirt steak), pluma (loin-end fillets), presa (collar-end fillet) or tenderloin, among other delicacies, the cornerstones of their culinary art.

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  • The Blázquez family founded their ham-production business near Salamanca in 1932. Blázquez also offers a selection of fresh meats, including noble pork cuts in the typical iberian tradition (pluma, secreto, coppa, solomillo and corona), distinguishable for their delicious taste, tenderness and succulence. These are cuts that will pleasantly surprise diners if served slightly rare.