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Pistacchiotto are rich and creamy bites of pistachio and chocolate. The soft treats are a blend of velvety white and tasty dark chocolate with delicious pistachio from Sicily.


Ingredients: white chocolate, pistachio paste (30%), cocoa butter, extra dark chocolate. Contains allergens: nuts, milk, soya.


SKU: 3861
  • Pariani is a family business that started its activity in 2010 with the production of Hazelnut Oil made of “Nocciola Piemonte” P.G.I. hazelnuts. This oil had an immediate success among the professionals in the field, and soon Pariani developed the whole range of oils obtained from Italian nuts. The Pariani range has been completed with semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry making like pure pastes, flours, grains, candied fruits, extracts and special ingredients.

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