Its aroma stands out for its scent of root vegetables, pine needles and edible molds.

To the palate it brigns a strong initial taste of mushrooms, with its sweetness mitigated by herbal notes and a dry finish with traces of cinnamon and fresh resin. the richest in glucose, the main player in its rapid and fine-grained crystallization and its characteristically liquefying structure.




  • Mieli Thun is a family-run company, renowned for its many types of a unique variety of Italian honeys, obtained through directed nomadic beekeeping.
    Thun prides itself on supplying premium honey that has consistent flavours produced following the artisan production techniques. Honey’s scientific powers contribute to its vastly touted health benefits for the whole body, it is has been used for its medicinal properties for over 2,000 years and continues its legacy as a multipurpose health aid.