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The frantoio monocultivar bio shows all its innate elegance.Our senses are immediatly conquer by the enchanting notes of almond and fresh herbs , leaving a persistent memory of elegance in your mouth. We can define it a distinguished, sophisticated extra virgin olive oil.
L’olio Monocultivar Frantoio è certificato Biologico, prodotto da olive coltivate in agricoltura biologica, in un microclima lacustre che garantisce alle piante un naturale comfort di rigogliosità. La spremitura è a freddo e con processo meccanico.
The analyzes carried out on cm oils demonstrate the goodness of the product also from a nutraceutical point of view. The constant intake of a healthy oil rich in properties such as ours guarantees a supply of polyphenols and vitamin e. They are rich in unsaturated fats that help reduce the formation of cholesterol.


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