150g Metal tin

Berberechos Heart


The goose barnacle is one of the most famous crustaceans of Galicia; it is a product that is scarce and difficult to catch, as it inhabits rocky areas with strong undertows where the open sea violently crashes down, representing great risk to its gatherers, the “percebeiros”. Due to all of this, it is one of the most highly appreciated and valued delicacies of Galicia.
They involve a lot of labour, as once steam cooked, they are separated one by one, meticulously cleaned, selected by size. The skin is removed, preserving the claw, and preserving the barnacle’s original appearance. Its covering liquor is water, salt and lemon, which is incorporated immediately before the can is sealed for its subsequent sterilization.

We suggest to serve it hot and accompanied by our Sauvignon Blanc wine.

Units in box: 40-50 pieces

HK$ 260.50
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