40g/Unit (5 units)

Rustic bread


The homage to tradition.

Pieces weighing 40-45 g. These are the most appropriate for serving at the table or using as small, crispy toast on dishes.

This brad is made with wheat flour, brown rye flour and natural ferment.

The defrosting process is very important with pre baked bread because it is necessary in order for the bread to retain all its organoleptic properties once it is baked, including crispness, scent and texture (15 min).

Please respect the recommended baking time to get a regular crust and colour all over the piece, both on top and beneath, rendering it much more palatable (8-10 min 200º).

At Triticum they bake the bread first and then deep-freeze it so it can be stored in the freezer. If this cold chain is not broken, the product can be conserved in optimal conditions for up to 12 months.

Units in box: 5

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