DOP Scamorza

DOP Smoked Buffalo Scamorza Cheese


The texture of Scamorza is elastic, stringy and has less moisture than Mozzarella. In addition, the flavour is more piquant, milky and creamy. Smoked Scamorza has a subtle, smoky flavour with a sweet, light caramel note.

Aspect and texture: spun dough, with long fibers. Soft texture.
Taste: characteristic of buffalo milk. No abnormal taste or bitter.
Serving suggestions: white wines (for example oak-aged Chardonnay or Pinot Girgio) light and dark beer. Red tomato jam. "Ciabatta" bread.

Grilled Scamorza is a great alternative for vegetarians and non, we suggest to serve it with fresh green salad with tomatoes or grilled vegetables!

Units in box: 2

HK$ 75.00
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