It's Party Time!
You are in the right page if you are looking for fine food to share with your friends!

These products come in big quantity... so if you have guests for dinner, you're planning a barbecue or you're ready for a party, we have the right products for you!

Don't forget the wine!

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7/9kg with bone minimum curing time: 36 months
HK$ 6700.00
3kg deboned and peeled minimum curing time: 18 months
HK$ 2350.00
HK$ 2350.00
1100g Frozen
HK$ 135.00
HK$ 108.00
12 bottles Organic Wine Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, ...
HK$ 1500.00
200g 21 pieces Vacuum packed Frozen
HK$ 808.00
12 bottles Organic Wine Sauvignon Blanc
HK$ 1500.00